At Alexandra High School, we provide our students with world-class facilities that are constantly updated and maintained.

The Library


We have a well-stocked library which is open to the students during breaks and after school for research or recreational reading. The library is also open to students as a quiet and controlled study venue.

The library contains the multi-media centre, consisting of 26 up-to-date computers running the latest software which are used by students for school-related endeavours or for personal/recreational use. It is also the classroom for Computer Applications Technology CAT.

Our servers have state-of-the-art web filtering software installed that prevents students from accessing harmful information on the internet such is pornographic or illegal material.

The IT Lab

We also have a fully stocked IT lab used by our Information Technology students, consisting of 30 computers tailored to the needs of our programming students. This room also has filtered internet access.


Alex is a WiFi connected school. Staff use our WiFi hotspot to gain access to the internet from their classrooms. This allows our teaching staff to fully utilize the interactive and dynamic power of the internet in their lessons to provide students with a comprehensive education.