Coordinator: Mrs K. Ramlall

Alexandra High School chose to join the Eco-schools’ programme in 2011.  With the guidance of Mrs Morton, Mrs Habbick and Mrs Ramlall, learners and teachers alike joined the drive to recycle, clean-up and nurture a sustainable planet. The efforts of the Eco-club learners in promoting sustainable living created a buzz around the need to reduce, re-use and recycle. Awareness surrounding ecological issues is at an all-time high within the school and we now have a committed core of learners who supervise and participate in tasks.

Representatives from the Eco-schools’ committee visited Alex in 2012. Our efforts and strides were so impressive that Alex was selected to host the provincial Eco-schools’ conference that year.

When the decision to register as an Eco-school was taken, we had no idea of the challenges and work that lay ahead. However, our learners rose enthusiastically to the task. Every year a portfolio detailing our activities as an Eco-school is submitted for evaluation. We have successfully bagged the progressive awards for our achievements as follows:

2011 – Bronze Award

2012 – Silver Award

2013 – The Green Flag

The Green Flag will be presented at an Alex assembly soon. It was no mean feat.  To achieve this status, Alex had to choose three themes in accordance with the Eco-schools’ guidelines.  Work in various subjects, such as English, Technology, Life Sciences, Life Orientation, History and English was aligned with these themes. Learners’ projects and lesson plans form part of the submitted portfolio each year.  Work done by our Community Services Group also plays a role. Everything done supports our Eco-code:

As an Eco-school, we will strive to reduce our carbon footprint, by creating and encouraging awareness amongst educators, learners and our communities of: Sustainable living, resource use, waste reduction, ethical lIving and human environmental impact.