Supper Theatre

The Supper Theatre and Mrs Meyer are synonymous, as she has organized and supervised every evening since its conception 3 decades ago. 

Mrs U. Adimulam – the school’s drama teacher, and director of in-house plays, will be stepping into the roll of coordinator from 2018.

Supper Theatre is an annual production held in the Alex team teaching room. It is an evening of entertaining plays and performances by Alex students and staff. It is a completely internally run production, however it is open to the general public for bookings. 

Over the course of three days in the 3rd Term, months of arduous preparation and daily rehearsal for learners and participating staff culminate in an evening of polished performances and a full three-course meal which is catered by the Alex catering club.

This, combined with the fun and excitement of the evening, make Supper Theatre one of the highlights of every past and present Alexandrian’s calendar.