The end of an era: Alex Principal accepts new post

09 December 2015 - Today marks the end of an era for Alexandra High School. After 8 years as Principal of Alex, Mr Andrew Graaf has accepted a new post as Principal at Northlands Girls’ High in Durban and will begin work there at the start of the 2016 school year. The announcement, which surprised many, now leaves a vacancy in the school’s top position.

The departure of Mr Graaf is one that shakes the school at it’s very core, for in his many years at Alex Mr Graaf had come to symbolise and characterise Alex both internally and in its outward interactions. As a former student at Alex, Mr Graaf had intimate knowledge of the kind of environment Alex had been and endeavoured in his time as Principal to make Alex a warm and welcoming school. His strong stance against bullying provided new students with protection and confidence needed to grow into mature young adults; his belief in creating an inclusive atmosphere led to Alex becoming a place of opportunity for those that would otherwise have been overlooked and his appreciation for achievement at all levels led to students being receiving open appreciation for their accomplishments, leading to a motivating learning and sporting environment.


The staff, students and former students of Alexandra High School wish Mr Graaf the best in his new post and hope that he will bring as much flair and character to Northlands as he did at Alex. There are few principals that mange to merge the qualities of vibrancy and orthodox discipline, making Mr Graaf a hard act to follow.