Media Centre Monitors

At Alexandra High School, we have a well-stocked library which is open to the learners during breaks and after school for research. The library is also open to learners as a quiet and controlled study venue in the morning and during exams.

The multi-media centre is used by learners for project work and study. It is also the classroom for Computer Applications Technology (CAT). Our server has web filtering software installed that prevents learners from accessing harmful information on the internet such as pornographic or illegal material.

The team of monitors assists Mrs Theron (Alex Teacher-Librarian) and Mr Kühn (Library Assistant) in the day-to-day running of the Library and Multi-media Centre.

Each year those interested in becoming a Library Monitor, or Help Desk Monitor, write the admittance test. Depending on their skills, knowledge and experience, duties for the year are assigned, and the necessary training is given. Monitors commit themselves to doing duty during one break a day and one afternoon a week. Merit points are earned throughout the year, and each year a merit award is made to reflect personal commitment, diligence and service.