Some Alexandrians swim for the rush of competition, others for the satisfaction of improving oneself or merely for the sake of being able to survive in an emergency situation that requires swimming.

Swimming takes place during the 1st and 2nd terms and caters for swimmers of all skill levels.


We divide swimmers into groups of similar ability so that they are able to develop their swimming skills together.


The beginners group consists of those who have no, or, very basic skill levels. Their training consists of the very basics needed for survival in an emergency situation:

  • Getting their heads in the water.
  • Breathing technique.
  • They are taught to float.
  • They are equipped with the skills to get across the pool in the shallow end.

Once they have mastered these basics, swimming styles such as freestyle and breaststroke are introduced.

Only when they show that they are fully competent at this level are they allowed to progress to Intermediate level and the deep end of the pool.



These swimmers can manage in the pool, but they cannot swim long distances without stopping.

At this level the training is focused on improving their technique, whilst also building up their ability to swim longer distances.

All four swimming styles are introduced.



These swimmers are competent in the pool. They are required to be able to swim all 4 swimming styles skillfully.

They do distance training and hone their technique.

Some of the Alex squad swimmers compete in the Midmar Mile.