Academics at Alexandra High School are of a high standard. Our school is one of the top performing schools in the province with our Matric pass rate of 100% in 2013.

We have a dedicated teaching staff that is highly qualified. They are trained in the latest aspects of the national syllabus for each subject. Furthermore, many of our teachers are so skilled that they are regularly used as markers for Matric papers. Our staff invest significant time and effort into moulding our students and bringing out their true potential.

Students are graded in Grade 8 into one of 6 classes: A, B, C, L, M, J. The ‘A’ class is a streamlined class of top learners who are able to move at a fast pace. This ensures that fast learners are not held back by slower counterparts and that even top students have challenging classmates. In latter grades, separation of students into class division is based on their marks from the previous year.

Class sizes are average for that of a semi-private school and range between 32 and 36 per class for Grade 8 and 9. In Grade 10, 11 and 12 – when students are doing subjects on a more specialized level – class sizes are generally smaller.

Class sizes in complex subjects such as Physical Sciences and Mathematics are kept as low as possible to ensure that teachers are able to devote as much time to individuals in these challenging subjects. Top set Physical Sciences classes can sometimes consist of less than 30 students.

We have a special Mathematics development programme in place for our Grade 8 classes that divides register classes for Math lessons to ensure that class sizes are even smaller and that good foundations in this traditionally difficult subject are well-laid.

Our students have a variety of subjects to choose from in Grade 10, 11 and 12. We do our best to give students the flexibility to choose subjects across a wide spread. [See ‘The Curriculum’ page for more information regarding subjects.]