Culture Overview

Since the policy of the school is to provide a wide variety of activities in order to cater for the broad spectrum of interests among our learners, an interesting range of cultural activities also feature in the school’s corporate life.

Many learners derive great pleasure from being involved in the excellent services of the catering club which flourished even before girls entered the school. Among the various functions for which the Club caters is the annual Supper Theatre which is one of the ways in which our learners can become involved if they are interested in the performing arts. Another is through membership of the flourishing Choir.

The school has both senior and junior debating teams which compete against other schools and those with additional interest in public-speaking may join the Speakers’ Club. From time to time, learners represent the school in speaking competitions, notably the annual Jan Hofmeyer and Alan Paton contests. Those with the necessary interest and ability represent the school in Chess.

Learners may join the Computer Club or assist in the Media Centre in a variety of ways. In addition to the expected assistance with regard to the issuing of books, the school’s video equipment is operated by learners who, among other projects, produce an annual review of activities. Learners’ interests in wildlife and conservation, pottery, woodwork and photography are also catered for.

The service of the First Aid Unit, which comprises boys and girls in the school, is invaluable, especially during rugby season when it does duty for all home matches. The leaders in this unit are highly qualified and very committed to this field of service.

In addition to all these activities, opportunities abound for learners to participate in events and contests which have a more direct bearing on the academic curriculum. An Alex team has fared extremely well in regional and national bridge-building competitions, while other learners write the various subject Olympiads. Each year, a significant number joins the Junior Achiever programme which is aimed at developing young peoples’ entrepreneurial skills.

Each year, numerous learners, mostly in Grade 11, are given the opportunity to attend leadership courses or other seminars which focus on the development of leadership, self-knowledge and inter-personal relations.

Through the activities of the School Council, on which learners representing each grade are elected, we hope to develop debating, thinking and decision-making skills and give the learner body a hand in determining directions for the school.